Borrow money: The requirements for a loan

When you borrow money, the lender wants to know a few things. Based on this, it is assessed whether you will receive the loan. What are the requirements for a loan ?

Requirements for a loan: Do you have a BKR listing?

The lender checks whether you are registered with BKR (Credit Registration Office). If so, you already have a credit or loan. This does not immediately mean that you can no longer take out a new loan, because the lender also looks at the weight of the BKR listing. For example, you can already get a BKR listing if you have a private lease car . But the mortgage is also registered with the BKR agency.

The BKR distinguishes between a positive or negative BKR registration . Taking out a loan with a negative BKR registration is very difficult. And if you succeed in taking out a loan, you pay an extra high interest. With a positive BKR registration, taking out a loan is no problem.
You will receive a negative BKR registration if you have not repaid your loan or missed payment terms in the past. You are then not a reliable “loan partner”, which means that you have to pay a higher interest because the lender runs more risk.

The lender does sometimes impose additional requirements for a loan, such as:

Fixed income important for a loan

A fixed income is important to get a loan. It will be very difficult to borrow money without income. Income is understood to mean income from activities, but also benefits. It does depend on the type of benefit. It is often possible to take out a loan with a Wajong benefit, disability benefit and survivor benefit.
Borrowing money is more difficult with unemployment benefits, for example.

Other requirements for a loan

In addition to the BKR listing and income, there are also many other criteria that determine whether you can take out a loan, for example:

  • The purpose of your loan.
  • The term of the loan.
  • Your age.
  • Whether you have your own house.

If you would like more information about taking out a loan, please contact the bank or other lender . If you meet the two most important requirements for a loan, income and positive BKR, then there is often nothing wrong and you can take out a loan without any problems.

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