Borrow money quickly with a mini loan from LendNow

Nowadays you can borrow money quickly with a mini loan. A mini loan is a loan with a small loan amount. One of the providers of a mini loan with a short term is LendNow . Handy if you need money quickly and are short on cash.

Borrow money quickly with a mini loan

A mini loan has a short term and a low loan amount. At LendNow you can borrow from € 100 to € 800 with a term of 45 days. You must therefore pay off your loan after 45 days. Handy for small contingencies and when you need money quickly. The money will be deposited into your account the next day, taking the weekend into account.
The costs you pay are not too bad because the loan amounts are low and the duration short.
Before you get the loan amount deposited into your account, there are a number of steps that you must go through before your loan application is approved.

How does a LendNow mini loan application work?

Before you can apply for a loan with LendNow, you need a few things. And it is useful to have it at hand, such as a digital copy of your passport, driver's license or ID card; your account number and a guarantee. You can read what that is later.

First you choose the loan amount of your mini loan and the term. Then fill in your details and verify your bank account. This can easily be done via ideal and an amount of € 0.01 will be debited from your bank account.
If this is the first time that you apply for a mini loan, you can borrow a maximum of € 400 from LendNow.
Now you need to upload a copy of your ID and choose a guarantee.

Applying for a mini loan from LendNow is not possible without a guarantee. This ensures that the lender is not at risk. So someone must guarantee your mini loan. This can be a friend or family member, but this can also be a Global Guarantee.

A Globlal Guarantee is nothing more than a company that provides a guarantee for a small fee. It is actually a kind of insurer that receives a premium from various people who apply for a mini loan. So you don't have to bother friends. It's that easy.

Paying off a mini loan at LendNow is very simple. After your application you will receive an invoice of the loan amount including the interest. You can then pay off your mini loan on the final payment date using the ideal payment link that was sent.

Borrow money without BKR testing

LendNow is one of the few providers where you can borrow a small amount without BKR testing . They have developed their own system and they believe that everyone deserves a second chance. You can read exactly how this works here .

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