Consumptive credit

Today's world is a world where you won't get far if you don't have money. We live in a consumer society where everything is for sale. But with a consumer society, the craving for more also comes, especially when it is made so easy for us. Consumer credit tries to persuade you to satisfy that hunger for more. The banks are only too happy to help you with that.

What is consumer credit?

As you may know, there are all kinds of different types of loans that you can take out. There are of course the loans for a home, but there are also loans that have been developed precisely for purchasing goods with a limited shelf life. The forms of credit used for this are also known in banking as consumer credit.

Consumer credit is the banking term used for the purchase of goods with a limited shelf life. There are a number of important and common variants of consumer credit, some of which we will discuss in this text. The items / products that are often financed with this form of credit are cars, white goods, computers and electronics and travel.

Consumer credit example

A good example of consumer credit is the personal loan . With the personal loan, a fixed amount is agreed at the current interest that you can borrow. This is a form of borrowing money easily, as well as borrowing money quickly. Because you often have such a loan taken out within 24 hours. The interest rate is often fixed and it is good to use, for example, to buy nice household effects.

Take out consumer credit

People often go to their own bank for consumer credit. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can also be done differently.
Below I have listed some lesser known providers. They can often borrow money on better and more flexible terms:

You can also choose to take out a revolving credit. The best-known variant of a revolving credit is the credit card . You will receive a specific amount per month that must then be repaid monthly at the bank. Your own credit card also makes it possible to easily shop online from web shops. Your purchases are then also insured.

Installment purchase

Another form of consumer credit is buying on installment . This means that it is agreed in advance on which period a certain amount will be paid off. Paying off an amount is accompanied by interest. As a result, people know that more must always be paid than has been borrowed. It is therefore not an unknown term that borrowing money always costs money.

But to persuade people to buy something, these types of systems have been devised. It can bring a significant benefit, but it can also get people in trouble. You can also think of AfterPay, this is also a form of buying on installment .

Always make sure that you check what the costs are when borrowing money. You always pay interest when you borrow money. How high is the interest? When do you have to repay the loan amount (and the interest)? Make sure you can meet the conditions and only then can you take out a loan responsibly. On you can compare the interest of loans .

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