Borrow money with negative BKR

Almost everyone is short of cash at some point. If you lose your job or are faced with unexpected expenses, for example. Sometimes borrowing money is the only solution. But what if you have a negative BKR registration? Then it can become very difficult to take out a loan. Fortunately, there are also parties where borrowing money with negative BKR is possible, such as LendNow and Saldodipje. These providers of small loans have developed their own assessment system and therefore do not use the BKR.

Where can I borrow money with negative BKR registration?

The BKR, or Bureau Credit Registration, is an organization that keeps track of all Dutch people's payment arrears. If you have once been in arrears, you will receive a negative registration. This often makes it very difficult or even impossible to take out a new loan or subscription. This also applies if the negative registration is a long time ago.

LendNow and Saldodipje consider this an unfair situation. They want people to be judged by their current financial situation and not their past. That is why the scoring system determines whether you are eligible for a money loan based on your current data.

What amounts can you borrow?

Balance dip and LendNow specialize in small loans. For example, you can opt for a mini loan. The loan amount for this is a minimum of 100 US dollars and a maximum of 800 US dollars. The terms of these loans can be 15, 30 or 45 days.

You can also take out larger loans. These loans range between USD 600 and USD 1500. 1500 US dollars is therefore the maximum loan amount. A period of 62 days applies to these amounts, whereby you will already repay part of the amount after 31 days.

Borrow money quickly online

Borrowing money can be arranged easily and quickly online . That is very nice if you really need the money quickly, such as an unexpected repair or other expense. If you go to a bank, you sometimes have to wait weeks for your money. That is of course not useful if you need money immediately.

You can apply for the loan online at Balance Dip and LendNow . When you have entered all the necessary information, the scoring system will determine whether you are eligible for the loan. If everything is in order, you will soon have the money. This way you can quickly borrow some extra money to solve your financial problems.

In which situations can borrowing money help?

Sometimes you will be faced with unexpected expenses. These can be nasty things, such as repairs, or fun, such as a vacation. Some things you really need on a daily basis, such as a car, bicycle or refrigerator. Or maybe you need a big present urgently. If you do not have enough funds at that time, because your salary will not be paid in a few weeks, then you have a problem.

Do you have to do without a bicycle or refrigerator all this time? This is not necessary by borrowing a small amount. You can then immediately pay for the repair or a replacement product, instead of having to wait. If your wages are received later, you pay back the loan at that time.

The cost of the loan

If you are going to borrow money with negative BKR, you pay a fee for this in the form of an interest. The loans from LendNow and Balance Dip have an annual cost percentage of 13.99% and a small additional fee that depends on the amount you borrow. This may seem like a lot, but because you borrow little and for a short period, the costs are ultimately not too bad.

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