How do you finance a new garden?

Whether you have a new-build home or an existing home, a new garden is a lot of fun. Doing it yourself is the cheapest option, but sometimes you cannot escape calling in a professional. How do you finance a new garden? Save money or borrow smartly, that is the message. Just look at the possibilities.

Cost of new garden

Building a garden does not have to cost much, at least if you do everything yourself. In that case you are ready for € 400 to € 5000. This depends on the layout of the garden and the surface. Do you also want a roof, garden shed, pond and do you need fences? Then the costs can quickly rise to € 20,000 or more.

The average costs for the construction of a garden are between € 30 and € 65 per square meter. This is for laying grass or placing plants including the hourly rate of the gardener. If you want to have paving laid, you will spend between € 35 and € 100 per square meter.

This is how you finance a new garden

There are various options for financing a new garden. When you buy a new-build home or an existing home, you can co-finance the landscaping in the mortgage. Unfortunately this is not always possible and you will have to find another way to get money. Therefore, below are some important tips.

  • Save for a new garden

    The most practical and cheapest solution is saving for a new garden. This requires a lot of discipline and it takes a while before you have everything together. Suppose the new garden costs $ 8,000. If you save $ 250 per month, you will be 32 months (almost three years) further before you can start landscaping.

  • Borrow money privately

    Borrowing money privately is reasonably cheap. However, only do this from family, friends or acquaintances. When you borrow from strangers, it is important that you draw up a good contract. Never pay money in advance, you only pay off a loan when you have received the loan amount. Even if you borrow from family or friends, you draw up a loan agreement and pay interest.

  • Personal loan for landscaping

    If you are unable to save and you cannot borrow money from family or friends, the personal loan is the most suitable option for financing a garden . You borrow money from a reliable lender. This lender is always supervised by the AFM, which means that it must comply with important laws and regulations.

    You pay back the personal loan in monthly installments at a fixed interest rate and term. Do you want to make interim repayments? With some providers this can be done without penalty, for example with Post Credit. Now that the interest rate is historically low, it is certainly interesting to take a look at the personal loan.

  • Continuous credit for multiple renovations

    Bought a new house, there are some renovations or adjustments planned. You are never really done with your own home. If you need money more often, the revolving credit is interesting. Amounts that have been repaid can be withdrawn again. This can be done up to the maximum credit limit.
    The revolving credit has a variable interest rate and term, with a term of no more than 15 years.

So check in advance what the total construction of the garden costs and how you will finance this. By thinking carefully about these things in advance you can save a lot of money!

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