Loan Refused By The Bank, The Most Frequent Reasons

Loan refused by the bank: because the bank does not accept the application

Loan refused by the bank: because the bank does not accept the application

A loan refused by the bank represents not only a disappointment, but also a problem for crediting access. The refusal of a loan in fact lengthens the time for submitting a new loan application. In fact, we remind you that requests for refused loans are charged to the applicant for a month. Period during which you will therefore not be able to obtain credit from another bank.

To properly address the problem, however, it is necessary to understand why the request was rejected. In fact, the reasons for a refusal are not always clear, although the reasons are usually related to the customer’s repayment capacity.

How to solve credit access problems

How to solve credit access problems

For greater clarity, however, we can distinguish the main causes of the refused financing in two categories: current economic problems and problems with past loans.

If a loan is refused due to the economic condition of the subject, it means that the bank does not consider the applicant’s income sufficient to guarantee the repayment of the periodic installment.

Instead, the question is different for those who have had problems with the repayment of a past loan. In this case, in fact, we are talking about applicants with a bad credit history, or of subjects who have not been able to regularly repay the amortization installments.

However, it is necessary to remember that even those who have had problems with a past loan will be able to easily access credit, provided that they can count on a fixed income. In fact, employees and retirees can obtain a loan thanks to the transfer of the fifth. Financing accessible also to those who have had difficulty with the repayment of a past loan.

When, on the other hand, the problem is job insecurity, other guarantees must be presented to obtain financing. The most accepted is undoubtedly represented by the signature of a guarantor. Person who undertakes to repay the amortization installments in case of non-payment by the beneficiary.

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